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Keep the peace, keep the peace 

Bounce those ruffians out of here 

Bounce those scally-wags on their ear 

Keep the peace, keep the peace 

With a tavern full of ruckus men, 

You don't know where and you don't know when 

A hairy hand lands on your check 

Oh, Kero, keep the peace 

Down on your luck, 

Raggedy and stuck 

In a town that's murderous, dark and drab 

A job in a tavern can't be all that bad 

But watch your step, 

Or you'll catch your death 

As the sound rings out of a drunken mob 

You'll have to bear down and do your job 


A wild kind of life, 

Trading food for a knife 

But you no worse off than you were at home 

Left in the kitchen with bread and bone 

And the pay's pretty fair 

So you'll have'ta grin and bear 

Grab the money, just kick and run 

You'll have a sore head, but you'll have some fun 

Pour the liquor and serve the meat 

You're better of here than on the street 


On a drunken night, 

Men looking for a fight 

They talk to themselves, mumble and groan 

Some of those devils better leave alone 

A chair flies by 

And up goes a cry 

In a mass of bodies they tumble and roar 

Make your way to the open door 

And one by one fling them high and neat 

‘Til the whole congregations laying on the street 

Oh, [Chorus] 

Kero keep the peace 

Oh, Kero, keep the peace

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