Karly was a junior Healer serving under Senior Healer M'laud in Urtho's armies during the Mage Wars. When one of his patients was referred to Amberdrake, Karly marched down to the kestra'chern mess tent to give Amberdrake a sneering piece of his mind. Amberdrake verbally took him apart and sent him packing back up the hill to the Healers' compound. M'laud was not pleased, especially as he was the one who had made the referral.

Karly is described as someone "who stood awkwardly" and "held himself in clumsy tension." He has "big, blunt-fingered hands," a "blocky face, well-sprinkled with freckles," and his "carrot-colored hair was cut to a short fuzz." (The Black Gryphon, Chapter Six)

In the series Edit

Karly appears in the following work:

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