Prince Karathanelan Jadrevalyn, called 'Thanel,' was the second son of King Megrarthon and Queen Irenia of Rethwellan. He had eight sisters, an older brother, the later King Faramentha, and a younger brother, Prince Darenthallis. He was a vicious and brutal young man, often bullying his younger brother. Tarma refused to foster him because of his attitude. King Megrarthon sent Daren to Tarma instead, and sent Thanel to Valdemar before the boys' feuding could turn into fratricide.

Relationship with SelenayEdit

While in Valdemar, Prince Karathanelan decided if he couldn't be King of Rethwellan, he would be King of Valdemar. With the aid of Lord Orthallen, he enlisted the aid of a womanizer and actor, Norris Lettyn, to teach him how to seduce Queen Selenay. Only weeks after they met, they became engaged and married. Shortly thereafter, Selenay became pregnant with Elspeth. Prince Karathanelan grew impatient and angry with Selenay because he didn't understand why she wouldn't make him her King, or even a Prince Consort. After she kept insisting that he must be Chosen, Karathanelan tried to force a Companion to Chose him. He "captured" Selenay's Companion Caryo, and she kicked him in the chest.

Since he couldn't be made King by being Chosen, Karathanelan decided to use force. He planned to kidnap Selenay and force her to abdicate in Elspeth's favor, making him her regent. However, his attack was thwarted by Alberich's ForeSight vision of his plan. He was killed when Alberich rode to the rescue with a bunch of trainees. Selenay officially told King Faramentha that he died in a hunting accident. No one really mourned his death.

In the series Edit

Prince Karathanelan appeared in the following work:

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