Kalira was the daughter of Satiran, the Companion of Herald Pol. She Chose Lavan Firestorm for her Herald. Unusually, she was also his lifebonded, the only known instance of this occurring between a Herald and Companion. Lavan never had true control over his Gift of FireStarting, so Kalira controlled it for him.

During the final stages of the war with Karse, Lavan and Kalira were stationed on a cliff face overlooking the pass filled with Karse's invading army. Lavan and Kalira used his Gift to take out whole sections of the Karsite line. Realizing where the attack must be originating, the Karsites snuck in an assassin, who killed Kalira. Without Kalira's control and with a shattered lifebond on top of it, it was all Lavan could do to communicate a warning before unleashing the full power of his Gift. His Final Strike ravaged the pass, destroying the entire Karsite army. To this day, the pass is still known as Burning Pines.

In the series Edit

Kalira appears in the following work:

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