Three groups of people in "modern-day" Velgarth are descended from a semi-nomadic people called the Kaled'a'in: the Shin'a'in, the Tayledras and Clan k'Leshya. Their original homeland, before the Mage Wars, was called Ka'venusho, and was located in the kingdom of Tantara. They were a semi-nomadic people, who created hot springs if their settlement site did not already have them. The Tayledras retained this custom as they settled new Vales.

The Kaled'a'in served Urtho, the Mage of Silence, and numbered ten clans. When Tantara came under attack they answered Urtho's call, packing up their herds and families and settling around the base of Urtho's Tower in a tent city, much like those of their Shin'a'in descendants. In the waning days of the Mage Wars, Urtho began evacuating the people camped around his tower, using his network of permanent Gates. Nine of the Kaled'a'in Clans evacuated through single Gates. The exception was Clan k'Leshya who offered to go with the gryphons, who were evacuated through a series of two Gates, placing them much farther away than the other evacuees. The Kaled'a'in had hoped that by spreading out, they would be distributed across too large an area to be entirely destroyed as a people.

When the final Cataclysm destroyed Urtho's Tower, the Tantaran Royal Palace, and the neighboring countryside for many miles around, Clan k'Leshya became permanently separated from the others. The remaining nine Clans spent years journeying back to their homeland near Urtho's Tower, only to find a blasted crater where their homes had been. These Clans gathered at the edge of what is now the Dhorisha Plains. Arguing over whether or not to give up magic, the clans split along ideological lines in an event known as the Sundering of the Clans. The four Clans which shunned magic became the Shin'a'in, and the five clans which accepted it became the Tayledras.

The "lost" Clan, k'Leshya, continued moving west out of the magically tainted lands around the blast zone. They settled at White Gryphon, a fortified city they built into the side of a cliff on the far shore of Velgarth, and allied themselves with the "Black Kings" of the Haighlei Empire.

Some Kaled'a'in, those who were with Urtho's Third Army were cut off in the north. They settled what eventually became Iftel.

Original Ten Clans Edit

The original ten Clans, divided:


Uses magic, the "Lost" clan resided in White Gryphon until Selenay's rule


Accept magic, reside in Pelagirs

  • k'Chona - Clan of the Raven
  • k'Sheyna - Clan of the Eagle
  • k'Treva - Clan of the Falcon
  • k'Vaia - Clan of the Fox
  • k'Vala - Clan of the Owl


Reject magic, reside in Dhorisha Plains

  • Liha'irden - Clan of the Racing Deer
  • Pretera'sedrin - Clan of the Grass-cat
  • Tale'sedrin - Clan of the Stooping Hawk
  • Vuy she'edras - Clan of the Wolf

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