Jors was created by contributing author Tanya Huff. He is featured in multiple anthology short stories in the Herald Jors Miniseries. The stories have been collected into an ebook-only work, The Demon's Den and Other Tales of Valdemar.

Jors grew up in a forestry settlement near Greenhaven.[1] He dislikes staying in Haven, preferring life on the road. He goes back out on circuit at the earliest opportunity, which leaves him little time to get to know many other Heralds.

He is a skilled tracker and expert archer.[1]


Father, Mother, Grandmother

Uncles: Trey Hadden, unnamed (deceased)[1]

Cousin's daughter: Annamarin

Cousins: Hamin, Tomlin, others unnamed

Sister-in-law: Tora


Jors was Chosen by the young stallion Gervis.

"Gervais had appeared outside the palisade with twigs tangled in his mane and an extraordinarily annoyed expression on his face."[1]

Gifts Edit

Jors has enough Mindspeech to talk to his Companion, though not from very far distances.

Internship Edit

Details of his internship are not known.

In the seriesEdit

Jors appears in the following works:


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