Jors is the focus of the Herald Jors Miniseries short stories, which have been published in various anthologies.

Early lifeEdit

Grew up in a forestry settlement near Greenhaven.[1]


Companion: Gervais.

"Gervais had appeared outside the palisade with twigs tangled in his mane and an extraordinarily annoyed expression on his face."[1]

Internship Edit

Additional research needed.

Career Edit

Dislikes staying in Haven. Additional research needed.


Skilled tracker, expert archer.[1] Additional research needed.

Family Edit

Father, Mother, Grandmother

Uncles: Trey Hadden, unnamed (deceased)[1]

Cousin's daughter: Annamarin

Cousins: Hamin, Tomlin, others unnamed

Sister-in-law: Tora

In the seriesEdit

Jors is a character created by contributing author Tanya Huff. He is featured in multiple anthology short stories in the Herald Jors Miniseries page.


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