Jodi was a scout in the mercenary company Idra's Sunhawks.

She is described as:

"...sleepy-eyed and deceptively quiet, this pale, ice-blond child with evident aristocratic blood in her veins was their mapmaker. Besides that skill, she was a vicious knife fighter and as good with a bow as Garth was poor with one. She rode a gray mare with battlesteed blood in her; a beast impossible for anyone but her or Tarma to ride..." (Oathbreakers)
Because of her tendency to wear gray leather, her appearance is likened to Lady Death.

In addition to mapmaking, Jodi also specialized in "subterfuge, infiltration, and assassination." (Oathbreakers)

Tarma thought more than once about naming Jodi as her replacement in the role of Scoutmaster for the company. Unfortunately, she persistently avoided any situation where she might have to command, and was passed over for the promotion. Tarma recommended Garth instead.

Horse Edit

Her gray mare, Lightfoot was a Shin'a'in trail horse. She was part Shin'a'in and part mountain pony, making her sure-footed and silent on treacherous mountain terrain.

In the series Edit

Jodi appears in the following work:

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