Jeri is a Herald Chosen from among the highborn. Had she not been Chosen, she would have been a countess. Her ties to the royal family are very close. Had Elspeth not been Chosen, Jeri would have been one of the possible contenders to be named Heir. While Jeri is very well-liked, her mother, Lady Indra is not, and would have been a large problem had Jeri been placed in the royal succession.

Being highborn meant Jeri had access to fine arms tutors all her life, and it showed. She was good enough that Weaponsmaster Alberich eventually took her on as Weaponsmaster's Second, leaving her to teach all the basic classes while he worked with only the most advanced students or those with special instructional needs.

Jeri became a very close friend of Talia's almost from her first day at the Collegium. She eventually served as one of Talia's two bridesmaids at her wedding.

Companion Edit

The name of Jeri's Companion is not given.

Gifts Edit

Jeri's Gifts are not enumerated.

In the series Edit

Jeri appears in the following works:

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