Jendar is one of Jadrek and Kethry's children.[1] Though he enjoyed life on the Plains, he is a mage with Adept-potential. As magery among the Shin'a'in is restricted to shamans, Jendar chose to forego Clan life. Instead he acquired property to continue the White Winds School Kethry had founded. His school was located on the only hill within several miles of the town of Great Harsey, closer to Rethwellan's capital of Petras than Kethry's original school. Just how Jendar acquired the property is not mentioned, though Tarma did use the word 'swindled.'

When his niece Kerowyn took over the Skybolts, Jendar sent her Quenten, one of his more promising journeyman mages.

Jendar was described as being bearded, with "his mother's emerald-green eyes." (By the Sword)

In the seriesEdit

Jendar appears in the following work:


  1. "Oathblood" (short story), Oathblood

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