Jaskhi was the village priest of a large village a day's walk north of Karse's capital, Sunhame. He apprenticed to Beckor, and so had known Reulan a long time. He and Reulan became close friends after Beckor died and Reulan took over for him as village priest of Sweetwater. Reulan often sought out the older, more experienced priest for advice.

Jaskhi hosted Reulan on his last night before he walked into Sunhame and was acknowledged the Son of the Sun. He tried to tell Reulan that there was something strange about his cat, Khar. He called the cat "a gateway into somewhere we can't go." Then he warned Reulan that "there are more things in this world than even we Sun-priests can see. And I think you've walked straight into one of them." [Sun in Glory and Other Tales of Valdemar: "The Cat Who Came to Dinner"]

In the series Edit

Jaskhi appears in the following work:

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