Herald Jadus was an elderly man when Talia first encountered him in Arrows of the Queen. Though his exact age is not given, he was Elcarth's internship instructor, and Elcarth was fifty-four at that point.

Jadus started as a student at the Bardic Collegium, and was three years into his studies when he was Chosen by Fortunea.

Jadus lost a leg below the knee in the Tedrel Wars. Unable to continue his work as a Field Herald, he was assigned to teach at the Herald's Collegium. He had no talent for teaching, however, and was aware that it was simoply being kept busy. Eventually he gave up teaching, retreating farther from society as he outlived his family, friends and colleagues.

He kept to himself, playing his harp. It was the sound of the harp that drew Talia to his door. At that time she was only thirteen, in her first year at the Collegium. She was spending the Midwinter holiday alone in the empty dorm. She had gone wandering through the Herald's wing when she heard Jadus' harp music. Jadus started giving her both harp and singing lessons. They passed the holiday together, becoming fast friends.

Talia spent every evening and holiday with Jadus, bringing other friends to meet him as well. When she ran into trouble with Hulda, she went to Jadus for help, making him feel more useful and alive than he had since the wars. When she was ill following an assassination attempt, Jadus stayed at her bedside on guard with his harp, sword-cane, and loaded crossbow.

He and Elcarth were long time friends, dating back to Elcarth's internship. They were close enough that Jadus left Elcarth as his executor when he died. While the disposition of the rest of his estate is not given, he left his most precious possession, the harp My Lady, to Talia. Jadus died in his sleep, most likely from a heart attack. Fortunea's heart appears to have given out simultaneously.

The song "My Lady" recounts Jadus' love of his harp and his bond with Talia.

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Jadus was sitting in a garden, attempting to compose a set-theme piece for a Bardic assignment when he felt drawn to Companion's Field. He walked down and was Chosen by the mare Fortunea.

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His Gifts included ThoughtSensing and the Bardic Gift.

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Details of his internship are unknown.


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