The Inn of the Green Man was located on Tavern Row in Highjorune, Lineas at the time of the Lineas-Baires Annexation. The inn was owned by a giant of a woman named Bel. Vanyel, in the guise of the inn's minstrel, Valdir, stayed there while covertly investigating the mass murder of the Linean royal family.

The inn was described as:

"...shabby, but relatively clean. The common stew in a pot over the fire smelled edible and as if it had more than a passing acquaintance with meat, though it was probably best not to ask what species. It was populated, but not overcrowded, and brightly lit with tallow dips and oil lamps, which would discourage pickpockets and cutpurses. The serving wenches--whose other properties were also, evidently, for sale--were also relatively clean." (Magic's Promise)
The while in decent shape, the inn had enough custom to be more prosperous. Unfortunately, Bel drank up most of the inn's profits.

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