Captain Idra Jadrevalyn was a princess of Rethwellan. Third in line for the throne, she renounced her claim to join a mercenary company. She served for five years, steadily moving up through the ranks. She left to form her own company, the Sunhawks, which she lead for nearly twenty years, until her untimely death.

She is described as:

"...a muscular, athletic looking woman, with the body of a born horsewoman, mouse-gray hair, a strong face that could have been used as the model for a heroic monument, and the direct and challenging gaze of the professional soldier." (Oathbreakers)
Idra was considered a canny strategist, leading to her inclusion as one of Lord Leamont's advisors in putting down Lord Kelcrag's rebellion in Jkatha. She had the greatest care for the welfare of her troops, insisting that they pack things like tent braziers when she suspected cold weather. She was known for her "fussing" over her soldiers, who universally adored her for it.

When Kelcrag's army was defeated, the Sunhawks retired to their winter quarters in Hawksnest. Idra negotiated a further contract with Queen Sursha of Jkatha to return in the spring to finish mopping up from the insurrection. She then took advantage of the seasonal break to return home to Rethwellan.

With the death of Idra's father the king, a new king needed to be chosen. Despite having renounced her own claims, Idra was still ranked highly enough to cast a vote for her father's successor. She chose her brother Raschar, agreeing that her other brother Stefansen should go into retirement on a country estate in the south.

Stefansen disappeared to the north instead. When Raschar proved to be a terrible king, Idra rethought her choice. She determined to go after Stefansen and support him in a bid for the throne. Before she could depart, Raschar caught her. He imprisoned, raped and tortured her, but was unable to break her. In the end she managed to get free long enough to grab a dagger and kill herself.

Learning what Raschar had done, Tarma, Kethry and Jadrek declared him Oathbreaker and Outcast. When they finally caught him, Kethry completed the Oathbreaker ritual spell, opening a gateway to the land of the dead and allowing Idra to avenge herself. By the time Idra was finished, Raschar's body was barely recognizable. Much of the tale is recounted in the song "The Sunhawks."

Horses Edit

Idra is mentioned as owning several horses. Her warhorse, Black, was only ridden in battle because he will bite anything, including his rider's legs. Idra never did manage to break him of it. Gray was the horse Idra rode the rest of the time.

Black nearly died in the Jkathan civil war when he was hit by a crossbow bolt.

In the series Edit

Idra appears in the following work:

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