Iceshadow k'Sheyna is a powerful Adept-class mage and an Elder of the Tayledras Clan k'Sheyna. During the construction of the Clan's former Vale, he designed one of the waterfalls, even tuning the basin beneath to give the falling water a rich, musical sound.

When Darkwind and Vree first freed Starblade from the control of Mornelithe Falconsbane, it was Iceshadow who did the initial work to set Starblade's mind and magic back on the path of healing, rooting out and destroying the worst of the compulsions.

As an Elder and a powerful mage, Iceshadow performed the spell for reliving the founding of the Tayledras, and administered the Wingsibling oath. He is also a very insightful man, and though he is not a mindhealer, he can function somewhat in that capacity, enough to help Wintermoon deal with guilt and bad memories.

Iceshadow also exercised his power when it came time to finally shatter the k'Sheyna Heartstone. He was paired with the mage Nightjewel, as part of the circle that contained the power of the Stone, while Firesong used Need to destroy its physical manifestation.

In the series Edit

Iceshadow appears in the following works:

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