King Valdemar sings about the arrival of the first Companions.

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Lyrics Edit

I found a land and I built a home where my people can be free,
But how can I ensure that they live on in dignity.
I have no way of knowing what the future will bring,
I cannot watch the growing of the children of my offspring.

My days grow short and my time is nigh yet this kingdom must not fail,
My son will follow with integrity, I know he'll govern well,
But I have expectations and my prospect is not clear,
My realm must never falter, that is my only fear.

A mage am I and my power I must use to ensure my dream,
Through day and night, to all the gods I pray, listen to my plea.
I need a way of knowing that Valdemar will endure,
Then in a burst of pure light, the Companions did appear.

We are Grove-born Companions, we are bathed in pure light.
We are Grove-born Companions, we will carry on your noble fight.
In equine form we appear, from gods did we depart,
Beings of natural magic, we will only choose the pure of heart.

Thus have we come, to ensure your kingdom, in answer to your prayer,
Thus have we, the first Companions, chosen you; herald, king and heir
Thus have we come to bring a tomorrow, ensuring virtue no matter the cost.
So that honor will rule the future, Valdemar will not be lost.

I found a land and I built a home where my people can be free,
I have been shown and I understand that they’ll live in dignity,
With Companions to guide them, they need not succumb to lies,
Now I can rest my sword knowing that Valdemar will not die.

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