Hydona is a female gryphon from White Gryphon. She and her mate, Treyvan, were sent to explore the world outside White Gryphon, and stayed for a time in a set of ruins over a node near k'Leshya Vale. She and Treyvan took Darkwind as a foster-son, and call him "Featherless Son".

After Elspeth, Gwena, Skif and Cymry are made Wingsibs, Hydona and Treyvan help Darkwind relearn Magic, as well as teaching Elspeth. At one point, Elspeth compared Hydona to the Collegium Weaponsmaster, Herald-Captain Kerowyn.  

Following the successful move of the k'Leshya Heartstone and clan, Treyvan, Hydona, their gryphlets Jervin and Lytha, and their "nursemaid" kyree Rris, decide to accompany the Heralds to k'Treva. However, their Gate is sabatoged by Herald-Mage Vanyel Askevron, and they end up in the Forest of Sorrows, where they decide to go to Haven. After a long conference, Herald-Mage Vanyel removes the vrondi spell which had protected Valdemar from magecraft, and Gates them to Forst Reach, the Ashkevron home.

Upon arriving in Forst Reach, the group finds that there was a miscommunication, and the welcoming party only expected the Heralds and Companions. Treyvan and Hydona terrify the Forst Reach populous, but manage to soothe the head of the family by taking concern for his precious horses.


Treyvan and Hydona by Larry Dixon

When they arrive in Haven, Hydona bonds with Queen Selenay over the fact that both have twins. Later, after Elspeth abdicated in favor of her younger half-siblings and mated with Darkwind, Hydona calls her "Featherless Daughter".  

During the Mage Storms crisis, Treyvan and Hydona bore the Sunpriest Karal up in a basket to see the damage the Storms caused the physical world. Later, Hydona was part of a group sent to the remains of Urtho's Tower. She and Treyvan were awed to be there. They were both a part of the "Counterstorm" Firesong set up to negate the Storm waves. After the detonation of the magical weapon that used Karal as a Channel, both Treyvan and Hydona returned to Valdemar to be with their gryphlets.  

At some point, both Treyvan and Hydona became teachers of magic at Haven, and taught Herald-Mage Anda, who would be posted at k'Valdemar Vale.

Family Edit


Treyvan, Hydona, Jerven and Lytha

Mate: Treyvan

Children: Jervan and Lytha (twins), Darkwind k'Sheyna (foster)

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Treyvan and Hydona in flight