Hulda was a female mage of unknown age who acted as an agent of the Empire.

She began her quest in Hardorn, where she molded and subverted the Crown Prince, Ancar, shaping him into a sadistic monster and eventually becoming his lover. Looking for a suitable bride for him, Hulda chose Valdemar's Princess Elspeth.

She killed the Rethwellan nurse Hulda on her way to a post as Elspeth's new nurse, and took her place (and her name). Recognizing the great magic potential in Elspeth, Hulda purposefully trained her to be a brat, instilling in her the belief that she was more important than everyone else. She hoped to shape Elspeth into a ruthless monarch and blood-path mage like Ancar.

She was found out and sent packing from Valdemar, returning to the Hardornen Court.  She neglected to teach Ancar more than the basics of magery, however, and realising that she was saving all the magic for herself, he turned against her and had her imprisoned in the bespelled cell she had created to hold Talia.

When Elspeth and Darkwind defeated Ancar, Hulda was freed from her cell by a fellow ambassador of the Empire.  When the ambassador was killed and his portal dissolved, Hulda launched an all-out attack on Elspeth and Darkwind that ended with Elspeth's throwing knife firmly embedded in her eye.

Emperor Charliss later admitted that while he found her useful for the self-discipline which allowed her to operate inside Valdemar for so many years, her rampant ambition was a problem. Eventually, when that ambition outstripped her utility, he would have had her killed anyway.

In the series Edit

Hulda appears in the following works:

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