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Listen as I tell you of my innocence and trust

Of my pity for a stranger welcomed as I thought I must. 

Oh, these simple virtues made us bare our bellies to the knife 

And they robbed me of my people and my family and my life. 


 Never waste your pity on the snow - 

Always keep your caution, for all you think you know, 

For as the world is beautiful, likewise is it cruel - 

And death is always waiting for a fool. 

Oh, she seemed a harmless beggar when we met her at first snow, 

Asking only food and shelter, pray, how could we tell her “no“? 

So we brought her to our campsite and went innocent to sleep, 

But in the night she shifted shape and slaughtered us like sheep. 


We were scarcely half a dozen left of all our people dead 

When we made it to the picked-lines and took to horse and fled. 

Far too late in glancing backward truth was branded on our eyes, 

For a demon of the snow had been the beggar in disguise. 


There were me and my beloved left who swore the beast would die, 

So we went up to the mountain and took sword-oaths she and I! 

All the winter spent in training there made all but memory drown, 

Then at equinox we came back home to hunt that demon down. 


So we stalked the beast and found it and attacked with sword and shield

And we fought like fiends all three - we knew there was no point to yield. 

Till my sword-mate could distract the demon briefly with her skill 

And I flung myself upon the beast for one fast chance to kill. 


Yes, I threw myself into its claws to strike it true and sound, 

And although the demon shredded me it tumbled to the ground. 

Aye fell - the beast dead upon the stone, and I upon the grass - 

So glad to see it die and sad to feel my spirit pass. 


But as I had taken Goddess-Oath I was not free to fly 

So now I walk the Earth at night - a spirit-guide am I. 

And I pass among the goddess-ones wherever moonbeams burn 

And I teach my hard-earned lesson well to any who would learn. 


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