From the Firebird Arts website: "Meet the characters of the Arrows Trilogy as they sing about themselves and their world. Performers include: Mercedes Lackey, Margie Butler, Larry Warner, Kristoph Klover, Frank Hayes, Bill Roper, and Dominic Bridwell."

Song listEdit

  1. Holderkin Sheep Song
  2. Meetings
  3. Threes
  4. Philosophy
  5. Her Father's Eyes
  6. Dark and Stormy Night
  7. Healer's Dilemma
  8. Sun and Shadow
  9. For Talia
  10. The Face Within
  11. Laws
  12. Musings
  13. First Love
  14. Arrow's Flight
  15. Fundamentals
  16. Other Love
  17. After Midnight
  18. Herald's Lament

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