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Lyrics Edit

My heart's own choices guide me

In all I say or do. 

The lessons that you taught me 

Reflect the best in you. 

For all the times I tested you, 

For all the ground I lost, 

You always stood beside me, 

Regardless of the cost. 

The Queen's Own wisdom shapes me 

And leads me as I grow 

The glory of my heritage 

Is there for me to know 

The ties of blood and honor join 

To make my spirit strong 

But it was you who helped me 

And taught me right from wrong. 

My heart' own voice is strong now--- 

I know which Path to take 

I feel your guiding presence, too, 

In every choice I make 

I need no one to tell me 

I will reap the seeds you've sown. 

And you have helped me learn that 

I'll never be alone. 

Be patient with me, teacher, 

For I am still a child 

A part of me will always be 

Unshackled, free, and wild 

But in your firm and caring way 

You've shown me what is true. 

So light the road before me 

And I will follow you! 

Yes, I will follow you!

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