The red dot is Hawksnest

Hawksnest is a mountain town on the Silver Road in western Ruvan. It is the winter quarters of the mercenary company Idra's Sunhawks.

It is described as:

"...nestled in a mountain valley, sheltered from the worst of the mountaintop weather, and the fortified barracks complex of the Sunhawks stood between it and the valley entrance. When the Hawks rode out a solid garrison and all the Hawks-in-training remained behind." [Oathbreakers]
The town's residents, many either dependents of the mercenaries or retired Hawks themselves, are relaxed and cheerful. The town and barracks complex are both protected by a wooden palisade guarded by both mercenaries and townspeople.

Currency Edit

Hawksnest has its own currency, which is almost never seen outside the town. The smallest denomination is a "small, round, bronze coin, bearing the image of a rampant hawk on one side and the sun-in-glory on the other." [Oathbreakers]

The coins were used by Sunhawks to declare themselves to fellow conspirators during the Rethwellan coup. Once the coin was passed and an appropriate pass phrase given, the disguised mercenary was quietly conducted to one of the safe houses to join the rest of the company in preparation.

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