When Declin, Lord Kelcrag made his bid for the throne of Jkatha, Queen Sursha was wise enough to select Havak, Lord Leamount as her General-In-Chief. Though he brought only groups of hillclansmen mounted on scruffy mountain ponies into the fight, he was wise in recruiting troops from among his countrymen and hiring mercenary companies from outside. The first company he approached was Idra's Sunhawks. He also had the rare good sense to allow Idra to decide the best way to utilize her company and their unique talents.

Leamount was described as a "rough-hewn, provincial noble." Tarma described him as "a lean, grizzled man" with "two signature braids he wore in front of each ear, an affectation he'd picked up among his hillclans." (Oathbreakers)

Havak also spoke a smattering of Shin'a'in. He claimed it was just enough to keep from having inferior horses pushed off on him.

In the series Edit

Havak appears in the following work:

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