Gwena is a Grove-Born Companion who is bonded to Elspeth. Before being chosen, Elspeth was at first very concerned that it hadn't happened yet, as she was well past the age where she expected to have been Chosen.

Elspeth felt called to the Sacred Grove one night during a big storm and actually watched as Gwena materialized, then she was Chosen. She does not, however, remember the experience. In fact, all the Heralds were hypnotized to remember Gwena as a shy Companion from the herd who had not yet chosen.

Gwena was sent to Valdemar to be the Companion to the first Herald-Mage since Vanyel.  It was crucial to keep this fact, as well as her mage abilities, a secret until Elspeth was prepared to know the truth.

Like Rolan, Gwena can use Mindspeech over long distances. She attempted to guide Elspeth to her "great destiny," but Elspeth resisted strongly and forged her own path.

Gwena killed King Ancar by trampling him to a pulp while cursing him for all the pain he had caused.

In the series: Edit

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