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Guardian of the night watch while I'm sleeping, 

Here in danger's arms keep me from harm. 

Creatures of the dark - steal from my dreaming. 

Soft breezes whisper your magical charm. 

Cries on the night wind, the fields of the fallen 

And earlier battles still ring in my head. 

Is it wind or a madness that calls down the canyons? 

How can I abandon those warriors I have led? 


I ride in your glory - the enemy's terror; 

You charge and you carry me on through the fight 

With your spirit eyes blazing, your hooves cut like daggers; 

Your strength never falters as evil takes flight. 


Among all the stallions amass in the stables 

As my companion you came to my side. 

And though beauty has left you and the years rest upon you - 

Your soul shines with wonder in the depth of your eyes. 


Soft breezes whisper your magical charm.

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