Gisell is a Sun-priestess with the Mage-Gift. She was part of a contingent sent to Valdemar by the Son of the Sun, Solaris of Karse, to help stave off any invasion by Ancar of Hardorn.

Being from a noble Karsite family gave Gisell pretensions to her own greatness. She possesses the power to eventually become a Master-class mage with enough training, but getting the training swiftly became a problem as she alienated the rest of Treyvan's mage students with her arrogance. This had been a problem for her during her original temple training in Karse as well. When she refused to work with Rashi, an earth-wizard and the son of a pigkeeper with vastly superior training to her own, Treyvan and Hydona had to threaten to feed her to their gryphlets to gain her cooperation.

In the series Edit

Gisell appears in the following works:

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