Gielle is an older mage, living in the city of White Gryphon. He was paired with the young Redoak to search for the magic in the teleson Tadrith and Silverblade were carrying when they disappeared.

Gielle was a survivor of the Mage Wars, a mercenary and veteran of Urtho's armies. He had been a journeyman, without the ability to go beyond that level, until he was caught in the Mage Storms following the Cataclysm. The Storms Changed him to an Adept-level mage, a transition he handled with both confusion and grace.

It was Gielle's comment that he had seen a drained teleson during the Wars, when a senile Adept accidentally reversed the spell, that gave Snowstar the idea to dowse for the absence of magic instead of its presence.

In the series Edit

Gielle appears in the following work:

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