Gesten is a hertasi who served both Amberdrake and Skandranon during the Mage Wars. He acted as Drake's combination personal assistant, valet and housekeeper. He helped Drake keep his clothing mended, cleaned his tent, kept track of his appointment schedule and ran errands. For Skan, Gesten also ran errands, conveyed messages, and filled in as best he could when a trondi'irn was not available to help with Skan's grooming. Both kept a running account with Gesten, who was set to be quite wealthy when the war finally ended.

Gesten is very close to both Skan and Drake who consider him to be more family than friend. After they all settled in White Gryphon, Gesten started a family. His daughter Chana is much like him.

In the series Edit

Gesten appears in the following works:

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