Gerrold is a member of the mercenary company Idra's Sunhawks.

During the Jkatha civil war, Kethry swapped a jesto-vath spell on his tent in exchange for the use of a water-repellent cape which she sent out with Tarma on her scouting expeditions.

Later in the campaign, while the Sunhawks were sneaking through the mountains on a sketchy path made by wild ponies, part of the trail crumbled away in the rain. The gap was small enough the horses could jump it. Unfortunately, it crumbled under the hooves of Gerrold's horse, Vetch. The horse fell on its side, and he and Gerrold started sliding down the slope. Kethy caught them with magic before they slid very far. While Gerrold kept Vetch calm, Kethry slowly tilted them back upright. She wove a net of solid magic under them to give Vetch something to stand on, and horse and rider scrambled back onto the trail.

In the series Edit

Gerrold appears in the following work:

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