There appear to be two Heralds Gerick, both Field Heralds.

The first Gerick was described as someone who lived life to its fullest, making the most of every moment. He died during Talia's first year at the Collegium. He was riding circuit out on the western border, close to the Pelagirs. He was replacing a friend who had broken his leg. A magical beast of some kind ripped Gerick apart. His body was discovered by the same friend whose place he had taken.

The second Herald Gerick was Kris and Dirk's internship counselor. He was described as being rather absent-minded. He left a ring behind at a waystation during Kris and Dirk's internship. As it was the Queen's gift to one of the Guildmasters, he had to have it. Rather than go all the way back for it, his internees worked together to find and Fetch it for him. That was when they discovered how well their abilities melded together.

The second Gerick is mentioned in the present tense several years after the first Gerick's death, implying that they are two different men.

In the seriesEdit

The Gericks appear in the following works:

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