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Garth was a scout in the mercenary company Idra's Sunhawks. He was described as a tiny, dark man. Tarma preferred sending him on night missions because he didn't need to darken his already dusky skin. His true expertise was in riding and tracking. None could match his tracking ability. His one fault as a mercenary was his lousy marksmanship.

He was born to peasant farmers who lost their crops when war trampled through their fields somewhere south of Jkatha. His natural sympathy for the common man is why he rode with Idra, rather than join another company or secure a position as Huntsman to royalty. He appreciated her policies of not looting the countryside, and paying in hard currency for any supplies.

When Tarma and Kethry left to trace Idra in Rethwellan, Tarma proposed Garth for her successor as Scoutmaster.

In the series Edit

Garth appears in the following work:

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