ForeSight is a Mind Magic gift that involves seeing into the future, and sometimes into the past.  

As with any Gift, the individual ability varies, with some foreseers being able to have nothing more than a sense of foreboding, while others see images or a series of images. Herald Shandi Alder, for example, only had a vague feeling that she needed to be with her sister, Keisha Alder, and Darian Firkin when Keisha started Healing the son of the clan leader of Ghost Cat Clan. It appears that ForeSight also gives the foreseer some sense of how far off an event is.

Foresight cannot to be relied upon as the images of the future can always be affected by making different choices in the present. The clearest images can also still be only part of the story. As such, and because of the different variables involved, Foresight visions can be easily misinterpreted. At its best however, foresight can also be exact and give glimpses of the future in time to ensure the foreseer can react properly. This makes the gift very useful; for example, in enacting the strategy of a battle, or in preventing an assassination.

The foreseers of Valdemar cause the Court quite a bit of trouble from time to time. In particular in the case of Mags, who was wrongly accused of a future assassination attempt on the King.

Notable characters with the ForeSight Gift Edit

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