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Evan is part of a clan of 'gypsy' traders from Hardorn. Talia first encountered him while on her internship circuit in the village of Westmark. Evan was accused of murdering a young woman named Karli, whose battered body was found in his caravan. When Talia came into town, he was being hunted by a mob of townsfolk. He ran to Talia's side pleading for justice. She used the Truth Spell, her Gift and her own observations to determine that Karli had been killed by her stepfather, which she proved before the entire town. Evan was profoundly grateful, and believed he owed Talia a life debt.

He repaid the debt later when he encountered Talia in Hardorn. First, he gave her and Kris all the information he had regarding the rumors of Ancar's evil. Then later when she was languishing in Ancar's dungeon, Evan smuggled in two arrows and a bottle of argonel, a deadly pain-relief drug. After Talia coded the arrows with the Arrow-Code, Evan smuggled them back out and tied them to Rolan, who was still free. Rolan took her message back across the border into Valdemar and delivered it to Selenay.

Meanwhile, taking Talia's advice, Evan escaped Hardorn. On his way out, he warned the other members of his clan. As they left the country, they spread the true story of what happened in the Palace, dispelling Ancar's lies.

Evan made it back into Valdemar, where he learned from a special messenger, sent by Dirk, that Talia had been rescued. He sent a bolt of extremely costly red silk interwoven with threads of pure gold for a wedding gift. Talia had it made into attendants' dresses for Elspeth and Jeri.

In the series Edit

Evan appears in the following works:

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