Errold was apprenticed to the great battle mage Master Thomas, who fought with Urtho's armies in the Mage Wars. In the last days, with the civilian evacuation already underway, Thomas asked Urtho's permission to leave the fighting and join the evacuees. He was assigned a group in desperate need of a leader with Thomas' skills. After hearing the plan, Errold chose to join him.

They were sent by temporary Gate to an area that is now in northwestern Valdemar. Not long after their arrival, Thomas and Errold saw the bright flash of the Cataclysm. They shielded the refugees from the first and strongest Mage Storm, which left the land and creatures about them changed in various unpredictable ways.

With his talents in maximizing small spells for great effect, and his training in first aid and healing herbs by the Healers in the army camp, Errold was invaluable for the journey. He found Carpet, the refugees' first mrran. He created sensors to signal the scouts whenever changed creatures were near. He ringed the camp in magical perimeter alarms, and he caught the skulking Proouw in a magical trap.

Proouw was a scout for a pack of changed, now sentient, cats. He was sent to follow the humans and determine if they were a threat. Errold negotiated a treaty with Proouw. The groups would leave each other in peace. Errold would provide medical assistance to Proouw's people whenever needed, and Proouw gave him directions to a good village site on the edge of the forest. Proouw's pack also drove more mrran to the village, helping to establish a village herd.

The grateful refugees named their new village Errold's Grove in his honor.

In the series Edit

Errold appears in the following work:

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