Empathy is a Mind Magic Gift that allows its user the ability to detect, and sometimes influence, the emotions of others. It is normally seen combined with the Healing Gift.

Powerful cases of Empathy can assist other powers: the ability to link with a FarSeer to find some location that had a strong emotion present, for instance, or the ability to boost a healer's stamina and aid in the healing process. Those with Empathy often become a Mind-Healers, and help to restore mental stability to patients whereas normal Healers only Heal their body. It can also provide an interesting boost to a strong Mindspeech Gift, such as that of Herald Mags.

Empathy is similar to the Bardic Gift that allows Bards to control their audience through their music. Other cases of Empathy are present in other cultures, such as the Tayledras and the Kaled'a'in

Herald Talia (current Monarch's Own Herald) is the only Herald known to have Empathy as her sole gift.

Notable characters with Empathy Edit

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