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Also referred to as Elspeth the Second, Elspeth the Peacemaker was a monarch of Valdemar reigning around 750 AF. A thin, dark-haired woman, she brought peace to Valdemar through an alliance marriage to Iftel, sacrificing her own desire for true love. After her husband died, she again denied her heart by choosing not to marry Bard Kyran, whom she loved. She wanted to save her marriage to use once again to the benefit of her country.

Elspeth's son Darvi died young, making the unwilling Randale heir to the throne of Valdemar.  

Upon Elspeth's death at the age of 76, the fragile peace she had built fell apart.  This left Valdemar filled with petty barons trying to carve out their own kingdoms.

Companion Edit

The name of her Companion is not given.

Gifts Edit

Her Gifts are unknown.

Internship Edit

Details of Elspeth's internship are unknown.

Monarch Edit

A timeline for Elspeth's time on the throne is available here: Reign of Elspeth the Peacemaker

In the series Edit

Elspeth appears in the following work:

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