Herald Eldan, who collects rocks for a hobby, was described as:

"a handsome fellow; lean and muscular, a little taller than [Kerowyn] was, with warm brown eyes and hair of sable-brown, but with two surprising white streaks in it, one at each temple. He had high cheekbones, a stubborn chin, and a generous mouth that looked as if he smiled a great deal." (By the Sword)

He was born to a very minor noble family, a middle child out of abut a dozen. He had been considering trying for a career in the Guard when he was Chosen instead. With his Gifts and his talent for disguise, he was tailor-made for spying. Eldan was, in fact, working as a spy in Karse when a priestess caught him. She was preparing to torture and burn him when Kerowyn stumbled across their trail. With help from Eldan's Companion, Ratha, Kerowyn rescued him. They hid out together in the mountains until they were recovered enough to try for the Valdemar border. During their time together, they fell in love. Eventually, Kerowyn had to leave him, drawing off the sunpriests who were following them, giving Eldan a clear path to escape over the border. She returned to the Skybolts, becoming Captain in the next year. She used the fee Valdemar paid for Eldan's rescue to rebuild the devastated company, but she never forgot him.

Ten years later, they encountered each other again in the lead up to Ancar's invasion. That ended with Kerowyn being Chosen, the Skybolts relocated to Valdemar, and Kerowyn and Eldan settled in together rather happily.

Companion Edit

His Companion is the stallion Ratha.

Gifts Edit

Eldan has two strong Gifts: Mindspeech and Animal Mindspeech.

Internship Edit

Details of his internship are not given.

In the series Edit

Eldan appears in the following works:

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