Herald Elcarth is a historian and was the Chronicler Herald at one time. He gave up the job when he became Dean of the Collegium. When Talia first arrived, Elcarth, then fifty-four, had held the position for decades. He retired at the end of the original trilogy, turning the job over to Teren. Elcarth then returned to the historical work he loved.

As Dean of the Collegium, Elcarth was one of the few people to know the cipher key for the Arrow-Code patterns. He and Kyril, the Seneschal's Herald, were the only ones who actually had every pattern memorized as well.

Elcarth is described as a "a brisk, birdlike, elderly man, scarcely taller than Talia." (Arrows of the Queen) He is extremely perceptive in gauging people and their reactions. Like most historians, his office was perpetually cluttered with books and papers.

He and Jadus were long time friends, dating back to Elcarth's internship. They were close enough that Jadus left Elcarth as his executor when he died.

Companion Edit

The name of Elcarth's Companion is not given.

Gifts Edit

His Gifts are not specified.

Internship Edit

Herald Jadus was Elcarth's internship counselor.

In the series Edit

Elcarth appears in the following works:

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