Ekeles are elaborate tree houses built in the branches of the central tree of a Vale. They can be reached by staircases so steep, they are nearly ladders. The standard ekele is described as:

"...a single windowed room, varying in size, made of polished wood so light in color that it was almost white, and furnished at most with a few chairs bolted to the floor, a table likewise bolted, and rolled pads stored in one corner for sleeping." (Magic's Pawn)
The windows of an ekele are made of a thin, sturdy membrane, similar to that used in the skylights of Tayledras buildings on the ground. Tougher than glass, the windows ripple with the warping of the window frames in a strong wind, rather than shattering as glass would. The windows can be opened to allow bondbirds to come and go.

While Tayledras frequently spend their time on the ground within their Vales, the ekeles make good retreats for any who wish to meditate or simply spend some time in solitude.

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