A rare form of additional perception, Earthsense is the Gift that allows one to "see" or "feel" the condition of the land around him. It is usually crops up in those descended from the old earth-priestesses, such as Darenthallis. After Ancar spent years ravaging Hardorn with blood-magic, this is what Daren saw with his Earthsense when he entered the country:

"...the land itself looked drained and ill. The rank weeds that had taken over the fields were pale, with thin, weak stems. The leaves of the trees were discolored. The only birds to be seen were an occassional crow, and so far Daren hadn't spotted so much as a rabbit moving. It had been getting worse... and now the countryside looked to his eyes like a beautiful woman lying ravaged by plague." (By the Sword)
Daren later used this ability to pick out a blood mage on the battlefield, who appeared to him as a "spot of black, auraed by angry red." (By the Sword)

Traditionally, the monarch of Hardorn is required to possess Earthsense in potential, which can then be awakened by ritual. Also, all Tayledras Healer-Mage Adepts have Earthsense, which allows them to sense hurts in the land and use their mage gifts to help heal them.

Notable characters with Earthsense Edit

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