A dyrstaf is a rod or staff of some kind that contains a version of a fear-spell. When triggered, the spell begins by projecting a low-level anxiety through the surrounding area, slowly ramping it up over the course of 24 hours until it reaches a level of stark panic. Most protective spells are useless against it because it does not target any particular person or object. The only defense is to remain shielded, meaning that healers and mages who are shielded at all times, are rarely affected.

Mage Wars Edit

Ma'ar used a dyrstaf in the Royal Palace of Tantara during the Mage Wars to destroy High King Leodhan and his court. Most of the nobility fled in terror when the dyrstaf was activated, and Leodhan was eventually found hiding in a wardrobe. Ma'ar was counting on the subsequent disarray to make his invasion an easy victory. He did not count on the Lady Cinnabar, who as a healer was unaffected, bringing in Urtho and Skandranon the following morning. Urtho quickly took control, and Ma'ar suddenly had a fight on his hands.

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