The Dhorisha Plains are located south of the Pelagirs Forest, bordering Jkatha and Velvar. The plains are bowl-shaped, bounded by steep cliffs. They are described as "a rolling country of gentle, swelling rises; like waves. Green grass there was in plenty...and golden grass, and a faint heathered purple. And flowers..." (Oathbound) There are also lines of trees following the watercourses. Though cruel and barren in the summer and winter months, the Plains in springtime are an unrivaled beauty.

The Plains are home to the nomadic Shin'a'in clans and their horse herds.

History Edit

The tower of Urtho, Mage of Silence, was once located in the center of what is now the Dhorisha Plains. The Plains are actually in the crater formed when Urtho's Tower exploded during the Cataclysm. (The site of Ma'ar's headquarters in the Royal Palace of Tantara is now Lake Evendim.)

When the Kaled'a'in who had served Urtho returned to the area of the tower, they were confronted by the barren wasteland of the crater. After the clans split, with the magic-using clans moving north to become the Tayledras, only four clams remained. These became the Shin'a'in. Their shamans petitioned their goddess, the Star-Eyed, to make the land habitable again. She agreed, but only if they were willing to pay the price. At dawn the shamans sacrificed themselves, each jumping from the crater rim at one of the cardinal points. From the impact points, grass spread out in a living wave, covering the landscape.

The Shin'a'in found and buried Urtho's terrible mage weapons near the center of the Plains. They forbade the practice of magic among all but the shamans, fearing that the temptation to utilize the weapons would prove too great. They guarded the Plains and the weapons hidden there for centuries, until only a select few even knew there was something to be guarded. This duty came to an end when the weapons were retrieved in hopes that one or more could be used to end the destruction of the Mage Storms.

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