Deveran Remoerdis was the last king of independent Lineas. He married Ylyna Mavelan to secure the treaty ending the Lineas-Bares War. They had four sons together.

The early death of Deveran's mother and Ylyna's madness combined to foster in Deveran a profound distrust of women. This made it all too easy to believe the rumors that his eldest son, Tashir, wasn't his child at all. He disinherited the boy, who he had never cared for, in favor of his other children.

Deveran was killed with the rest of the palace inhabitants by Vedric Mavelan's trap-spell. The kingdom was inherited by the only survivor, Tashir, whose legitamacy had been proved. Tashir also inherited Baires. The two kingdoms were combined and annexed by Valdemar (the Lineas-Baires Annexation). They became the March of Lineas-Baires, and Tashir took the title of Lord-Baron.

In the series Edit

Deveran appears in the following work:

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