Devan is a Healer assigned to the House of Healing at the Healer's Collegium, and specializes in trauma. He is also one of Talia's friends, and seems to regard her almost as a daughter.

He was the first Healer Talia met, as he was in charge of her case when pneumonia set in following an early assassination attempt. Later when the need to soothe the emotional pain of the patients in the House of Healing became too much, Talia sought out Devan. Being an empath himself, he completely understood, and welcomed her to join him on his daily rounds.

Devan was again put in charge of Talia's treatment when she was rescued from Ancar's dungeon. Though he wasn't the most senior Healer present, he had the greatest expertise when it came to trauma. It was also felt that his close emotional ties to Talia would greatly aid in her recovery. He made sure that Dirk got in to see her as soon as he was able, knowing that would be the key to bringing her around. He also took charge of Elspeth after she killed Lord Orthallen.


Healer's Dilemma

In the series Edit

Devan appears in the following works:

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