Herald Destria was two year-groups ahead of Talia at the Collegium, and was her next-door neighbor in the dorm. Destria was described as being "cheerfully lascivious" and "randy," her nocturnal activities causing Talia no end of embarrassment and sleep-deprivation. She did turn out to be a very good Field Herald, however.

Destria was riding one of the northern circuits when she attempted to rescue a group of children from a flood. She broke both legs, but was pulled out of the water (along with the children) by her Companion, Sofi. Talia and Kris were sent out to replace her for Talia's internship.

Destria was injured again on another circuit, this time being badly burned. She was out mentoring Christa, who was on her internship, when they rode to the rescue of a town in Gyrefalcon's Marches being attacked by an organized army of bandits. Destria helped organize the defense, rallying the townspeople. She and the two Companions had the bandits on the run when she went after Christa. Christa had run into one of the burning homes and was Fetching children out to their parents. When Destria saw the roof collapsing on her internee, she tried to run in to save Christa. She was rescued by the townspeople before she too died, but she was very badly burned. She was sent back to the House of Healing where she was treated by Talia, Rynee, Devan, and numerous other Healers. At Rynee's suggestion, Herald Vostel was recalled to help coax her through her recovery. It is implied that she and Vostel became at least briefly involved afterwards.

Companion Edit

Destria was Chosen by the Companion Sofi.

Gifts Edit

His Gifts are not specified.

Internship Edit

The details of her internship are unknown.

In the series Edit

Destria appears in the following works:

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