Destillion Jadrevalyn was the King of Rethwellan, contemporary to the reign of King Arden and Queen Leesa of Valdemar.

He began taxing the peasant and merchant classes far too heavily about twenty years before his death. During the course of those two decades about half of Rethwellan's peasants became serfs. Opposing him in this course of action was one of the main reasons he intended to cut his eldest son, Stefansen out of the succession. However, the priests wouldn't allow it.

In the end, the succession became a toss-up. With the priests, merchants and half the nobility favoring Stefanson. The other half of the nobility, and Destillion himself, favored his younger son Raschar. Destillion's daughter Idra, who had long ago renounced her own claim to the throne, was called in to settle the question.

In the series Edit

Destillion appears in the following work:

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