Declin, Lord Kelcrag was the brother-in-law of Queen Sursha of Jkatha. Two months after the king died and left her Regent for their three children, Kelcrag made his own bid for the throne. He met with early success, driving Sursha and her supporters out of the capital, Throne City. Sursha tapped Havak, Lord Leamount for her General-in-Chief. He not only mustered every fighter he could get his hands on, he also hired mercenary companies to cover the gaps, including Idra's Sunhawks.

Sursha and Leamount wanted to invoke the Oathbreaker ritual on him, leaving him Outcast by the Mercenary Code. However, he hadn't actually broken any vows, and she couldn't find the three necessary participants in the ritual--priest, mage and honest man--who had suffered personal harm from his broken oaths.

Kelcrag was driven out of Throne City by Midsummer. By mid-autumn he was entrenched in a mountain pass, preparing for the final battle of the season. His only hope of continuing his rebellion was to soundly defeat Sursha's forces. Sursha, on the other hand, needed a sound victory just as badly to end the war for good. With the autumn rains beginning, it wasn't looking good for her army--until the Sunhawk scout Kyra mentioned the local legend about a wild pony trail through the mountains. The Sunhawks found the trail, and used it to come in behind Kelcrag's forces, while Leamount kept them engaged at the front. He was soundly defeated.

In the series Edit

Declin appears in the following work:

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