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Darkwind k'Sheyna is a Tayledras scout and mage. After an accident with the k'Sheyna heartstone that killed his mother, he discontinued use of his mage powers.  A friend of the gryphons Treyvan and Hydona, he patrolled the borders of k'Sheyna's territory. When Elspeth was sent to the Tayledras for training, he discovered her on the outskirts of their lands. He began training her, and was later trained with her as well by the Healing Adept Firesong. The three fought Mornelithe Falconsbane and managed to defeat him, throwing him into the Void.
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Darkwind - Japanese version

Darkwind followed Elspeth to Valdemar, and became the Tayledras envoy to the Valdemaran court. He accompanied her on her mission to destroy Ancar, and with the help of Firesong and the Avatars, they freed An'desha. He was also instrumental in training the new generation of Herald-Mages. During the mage storms, he and Elspeth traveled to Shonar and worked with the new King of Hardorn, Tremane, to solve the problem of the mage storms.

In the series Edit

Darkwind appears in the following books:

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Darkwind - French Cover of Winds of Change

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