Talia prepares herself to die in Ancar's dungeon.

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Lyrics Edit

So this is how it ends: in dark and cold

And with no answer to the question 'why?' 

Why was it that the stories never told 

There are no answers even when you die? 

And this is how it ends: it ends alone, 

With fear that eats your soul away, 

Alone to face the dark and strange unknown, 

Alone to face the closing of the day 

So this is how it ends: the dark is all 

There is no ending to this final night, 

there is no Answer to the silent call, 

Beyond the darkness, never glimpse of light 

Regrets, remorse, and duties left undone, 

Hopes unfulfilled, and promises denied, 

And battles never fought, so never won--- 

And words unspoken, all the wellsprings dried. 

No friends to ease the pain, or lull the fear, 

No one to care, no one to show the way, 

No one to say farewell or shed a tear, 

No one to help you one last time to pray. 

Nothing left but sorrow and despair: 

Nothing but the vast eternal night 

Gods, if you are kind, and if you care, 

Grant me at the very last, the light.

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