Herald Darenthallis Jadrevalyn (Daren) is the Prince-Consort of Queen Selenay.

He is a member of the Jadrevalyn family, the royal family of Rethwellan. The youngest son of King Megrarthon, his two older brothers Karathanelan and Faramentha tormented him endlessly as he grew up, so he was sent to be trained by Tarma and Kethry in the ways of battle. He became a good friend of Kerowyn, and actually asked her to come marry him before he was sent home. 

Daren's brother, Karathanelan, married Queen Selenay of Valdemar. After Karathanelan tried to assassinate Selenay, the shock killed his father. Faramentha took the throne of Rethwellan, and Daren became his Lord Marshal. When Ancar invaded Valdemar, Rethwellan sent troops under the command of Daren. Chosen by Jasan on the battlefield, he became a Herald with the gift of Earthsense.

He became lifebonded to Queen Selenay when they first met, and they were later married. As he was chosen as a Herald, this made him the Prince-Consort. (His brother Karathanelan had no rights to the throne regardless of his marriage.) He is the father of Kris and Lyra, twins who became the heirs to the throne when Elspeth abdicated her position as Heir.

As a young man Daren was described as lanky, with long hair "somewhere between brown and blond, his eyes between gray and hazel." (By the Sword)

In the seriesEdit

Daren appears in the following works:

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