Dallen is the Companion of Herald Mags. He is generally rather pleased with himself, popular among the mares, and likes to tease the Grove-born Rolan. He can shed hairs at will, which comes in handy for Mags, who braids them into jewelry for gifts. He loves apples, but prefers them in the form of pocket pies. He is positively addicted to pocket pies. 

In Bastion it is implied that he might have been a contemporary of Herald-Mage Vanyel:

"...:We learned our lesson with Tylendel,: Dallen said soberly. :If I have to knock you down and sit on you to prevent you from doing something stupid, I will. Not that I expect to ever have to. If anything, you overthink things. ’Lendel was many things, but thinking wasn’t his strong suit.: It was extremely odd to hear someone talking about an historical, tragic figure as if he were a—:Emotional, overwrought, impulsive manchild who made a habit of blundering about regardless of consequences and paid the price, and I would rather not go into it any further.: Mags blinked a little at Dallen’s vehemence. It almost sounded as if Dallen had been . . . present at the time of the tragedy! Could that even be possible? But Dallen had made it quite clear that he was not interested in discussing the situation, and Mags knew better than to press. In fact, Dallen had sounded as if the situation had caused him pain as well as the irritation he was voicing...."
There is a reference in Magic's Pawn where Yfandes addresses Companion Dalian to have his chosen, Tantras, put a shield around Vanyel. This could possibly be an earlier incarnation.

In the series Edit

Dallen appears in the following works:

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